How to act if you caught your partner cheating? I’ve been asked this question by many women and men who have dealt with infidelity. How do you deal with a cheating partner, and although it can be very painful dealing with this type of situation and being in a relationship and even wanting to work on a relationship, knowing that your significant other has cheated on you, it can be very challenging. So today I’m going to share some tips on what you can begin to do when it comes to dealing with a cheating partner.

Trust issues

First and foremost, you want to first decide whether or not you are willing to trust this person again. Can you see yourself trusting them after they have cheated on you, has this happened before, is this something that has happened before. And it’s a continual process. These are questions you want to begin to evaluate. You want to analyze your relationship. You want to really understand if you are willing to work on this relationship, are you willing to go through the necessary healing. Just processing everything with this person and getting to a place where you can trust to get there is a difference between forgiving someone and trusting someone. You can forgive them. You can let go of the resentment and the anger, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to trust again. Trust is very important in a relationship. So when it comes to dealing with the cheating partner and moving forward, you need to ask yourself, are you willing are you willing to do what’s necessary to work through what has happened and to trust again next when it comes to dealing with a cheating partner you want to really get to a place where you accept your own feelings. Accept it and sit with it. You’re gonna go through some grief. You’re gonna go through some confusion, some anger, some heartbreak and it’s important that you allow yourself to go through this. This is part of your process of healing.

Don’t be scared of your feelings

Don’t stop from feeling what is real because when you avoid that, when you when you ignore what is real and how you feel and you don’t accept your true, don’t accept how you really feel, you can become numb and what you do is you suppress that pain and that can turn into something you do not want in your life. It can cause you to get to a place where you are. This is and a lot of times people say when you are this ease, you can create disease in your body so you don’t want to suppress this negative energy and these toxic emotions. You want to accept it. You want to fill it. You want to go through it and you want to heal it. Listen, I want you to know that it is natural and normal to grief, a past relationship or even if you’re still in the relationship and you’re going through grief because of what was once this trusting, loving relationship has now turned into something you could not imagine now that you know that you have dealt with infidelity that your partner has cheated is so important that you allow yourself to grieve and this leads me to the next tip you want to make sure you take care of yourself taking care of yourself is a big part of you healing is a big. Part of you having a healthy relationship and it’s a big part of you learning how to trust again. Listen, this is your new norm. You you’re in a new position now. So instead of focusing on what has happened in the past began to create a new way of taking care of yourself. Of loving yourself, of nurturing yourself and really understanding how important it is. To care for your mind, body and spirit. So you wanna make sure during this time this is your time to really nurture, heal and love yourself and be okay with that.

Take care of yourself in the first place

Be okay with just taking care of you in the season. You may feel tempted to try to fix things and try to focus on your partner or focus on other people, focus on other things but and ignore yourself, but you don’t want to do that instead of focusing so much of your time and energy and effort on fixing what has happened. Turn that focus on taking care of you as you focus more on taking care of you doing what’s best for your mind. Body and spirit, you’re gonna begin to see yourself heal. You’re gonna begin to see yourself more clear in your mind and you’re gonna know what decisions to make next. Now this one is very important. You want to avoid the blame game. I know that you may feel like a victim right now because something has you know, your partner has cheated and you feel as if you know. You’re hurt and you can feel like you’re a victim right now, but it’s so important that you avoid the blame game when I say the blame game, avoid constantly talking about what has happened and how they have heard to the more you talk about it. The more you replay, what has happened, the more you sing yourself in the cycle of even more pain, frustration, and anger. Don’t blame anyone. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame your partner or the other person and you may be thinking, well, why they were wrong. They they should they should pay for what they did trust me as you release and let go of blaming you are going to set up yourself and position yourself for better in your life. It may not make sense right now. It may not you may not be able to comprehend it. But the more you focus on what you don’t want, which is the cheating, the hurt, the pain, the more you focus on that, the more you magnify it in your life. So if you blame that person or blame the situation or blame yourself or blame anyone, you’re going to continue to magnify that situation in your life. That’s not what you want to magnify. You want to magnify things that you desire. You want to magnify love. You want to magnify peace in your mind, love for yourself, love. Your family, your children focus on the things you love, focus on, the things you appreciate and you begin to learn the lesson in what has happened. See, that’s the key to this. The key is not to constantly put your energy towards the hurt and the pain and the blame the key is to find the lesson in it. See there is a lesson in this situation what you’re dealing with dealing with the partner who have cheated on you. There is a valuable lesson you can learn if you begin to target your attention on learning that lesson instead of blaming and being upset about what has happened see when you learn the lesson you grow when you learn the lesson you get better and when you learn the lesson. You attract better in your life and finally. You want to give to a place in your life where you embrace your newness. Embrace the new beginning in your life. Understand that this is a season where you must take it one day at a time. You can’t figure everything out. You can’t have all the answers right now. You don’t need to have all the answers. You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need to be over with it right now. Take it one day at a time when you begin to think about next week or the month or what is this. How is this gonna be your years from now or the plans you had and how is that gonna be that’s gonna be the other thing you never imagine. It just take it one moment at a time when you begin to do this. You slow yourself down from having this anxiety and pressure and fear and you just begin to embrace and understand that this is a new process. It’s a new season for you and even though it’s different and it feels different and it may feel scary at times. It can be a blessing. It really can be a blessing if you learn to embrace it. If you learn to breathe, take your time, spend some time in prayer, spend some time in meditation, spend some time journaling, writing. Really getting clear on where you are right now, embrace them where you are and right now and get excited because guess what. This is only going to make you stronger. Yes, you’re hurt. Yes, you’re in pain. Yes, what happened to you was wrong, but there is so much hope for you. There is so much ahead of you. There’s so much life for you to live, so don’t allow yourself to be wrapped up in that hurt and pain because one day you’re gonna look at that situation, you’re gonna be able to talk about that situation. You may be able to laugh about that situation because guess what, you’re gonna be in a bigger, better place. You’re gonna be a much stronger, healthier person. Slow down. Take it one day at a time. Embrace this new norm that you have. I’m excited for you and I know that you are overcome in this situation.

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