I cheated but I want to save my relationship. Is it it a common situation? You’re supposed to go through crisis as a couple. That’s how you grow. That’s how you can prove your love and your commitment to one another. Life is not a movie or a sitcom where just everything seems pretty rosy and you’re in love and. You live happily ever after. The reality is that you’re going to face crisis at some point and you’re facing one now. So how can you make sure that you’re not making the wrong choice, well, first and foremost. Is this person fighting for the relationship too, are they committed to trying to make this work, are they finding for solutions as well. Because it takes two to tango and you’re not probably not going to be very happy in your relationship if you’re the only one fighting for it. And so if they made a mistake.

Should I Give Him or Her Another Chance?

If they betrayed your trust, are they working on regaining your trust, are they taking accountability, are they trying to become better people and better partners. That should be something that you think about and that you consider when deciding whether you should move on or not the point of the matter is that you often lose by starting again. And I don’t want you to pull the trigger too quickly because things have become difficult. No matter who you’re with at some point, like I said. Your relationship will become difficult and it’s very easy to think that you can just start over and start a new.

Can Relationships Work After Cheating?

If your partner is willing to compromise, willing to work on becoming a better version of themselves. The truth is that there’s no challenge or issue that you can’t overcome together as long as you’re pulling in the same direction as long as you are also willing to take accountability. When you are pulling in the same direction and when you are united. There’s nothing really that you can’t overcome as long as you are patient and resilient. You can create the relationship that you want and the odds are that you can create the relationship that you want with the partner that you already have and it would be my pleasure to help you get there. Even if you are facing a situation where there was infidelity where someone betrayed your trust, it is possible to rebuild. It truly is.

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