I was blind. My wife is a cheater

My wife is a cheater and I didn’t know it. So your girlfriend might be cheating on you and I can honestly say that when I found out that my ex girlfriend was messing around with her ex boyfriend, it was one of the most emotionally devastating times and things that ever happened to me and when it happened at the time I was blindsided, but looking back I was the one that was blind because she was giving me definite signs that this was actually going on. I was just too dumb to actually read them. And so in an attempt to help open your eyes today. I’m going to go over ten signs that your senorita is cheating on your way. Assume that these signs are asexual in nature. And so if you’re into dudes cool. We got you covered one of the problems when identifying whether or not your significant other is cheating.

First signs

If you’re already a super paranoid, insecure dude, every time she fought, you get suspicious that being said, there are some common cheating behaviors that are out there. If you see him I’m not saying it’s at the end. But I’m saying sign number one that she is about to cheat on you is she starts talking about a male co-worker or friend a lot, right, and she’s like, oh, he’s talking about it. Oh, Jim did this. John did this or there’s the sky and she keeps springing him up now at that point that she’s telling you about him. She’s not cheating yet. She’s thinking about it then all of a sudden it stopped. She never mentioned some, but she does number two start working late all the time nights, weekends long hours and you’re like what she’s never been this into work before. She’s not in the work. She’s in the old boy, I should say old boy is into her the third sign she’s cheating on you is that she starts paying more attention to her phone than to you now.

How does she act when she’s cheating?

This is tough, right, because girls in general painting with a broad brush are super into their phone these days. So are guys for that matter. But if she’s all you were talking to. No one the fourth signed that your girl is getting freaky with somebody else. You get less freakiness, you’re working it, you’re giving her your best stuff all the attention, affection. She’s like, not right now. I don’t feel like and what girl you used to be all nuts crazy now. You know what’s the sign that she may be indeed cheating on you is her social calendar is packed. She’s like the freaking queen. She’s got dinner engagements, parties, press engagements, book signings. There’s always something going on and you never invited the sick sign that she’s up to no good. She starts questioning you every time you go out every person you’re with, she stalks you tracks you like a big game hunter. But instead of hunting, she’s trying to make sure that you’re not figuring out her dirty little. But you know the seventh sign that she may indeed be cheating on you is that she tells you she’s not happy. She says: I’m not happy. What are you talking about? You were happy last night. The eighth sign that she may be cheating on you. She goes missing for long periods of time. It was like two months ago you couldn’t get rid of the girl. Now all of a sudden you’re like. Where are you can’t even get her on the phone, maybe your phones off. You’re like this is not normal. You’re right.

She is a lier

Another sign that she is cheating on you, you actually catch her doing something saying something to somebody that she shouldn’t be. I’m not saying to go snooping because if you snoop hard enough, you’ll find something that you’ll be able to twist and more. But this doesn’t mean to just be an idiot. And if you see something that doesn’t smell right doesn’t seem right or you just get a weird vibe, have a conversation, ask her hopefully she has the balls, to be honest, but chances are she doesn’t so keep these eyes open.

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