Is friendship cheating? Here are my five ways to know if it’s friendship or an emotional affair. So here we go, the five things. Number one is are you sharing more of your intimate life. You know your thoughts, emotions, and dreams with this friend rather than your partner in an emotional affair, you’re really feeling closer emotionally to your friend than to your partner. You’re sharing more of your inner life with them. So that’s the first clue to look for.

Who are you going to first?

Number two is who are you going to first, are you going to your friend and not your partner when you’re experiencing something upsetting, is your friend the first person you want to share good news with as opposed to your partner. Is your friend, your primary confidant and the only person who you believe truly gets you. Friendship becomes an emotional affair when the investment and the the intimacy shift happens from your partner to your friend. Okay, number three, are you keeping communication with this friend a secret from your partner. You know a lot of what said and the amount of communication if that’s kept secret from your partner. We’re really looking at more of an emotional affair and this can start with you know lives biomixing not telling your partner how often you talk, how often you meet your text or whatever with your friend, maybe you’re deleting messages from your phone or even maybe you’re denying that communication with this. When I have a friend who isn’t sure if they’re having an emotional affair. I always ask, would you be embarrassed or ashamed if your partner could hear an entire conversation between you and this friend.

Sexual attraction

All right, number four. Is there sexual attraction on either end. Sometimes people think, oh, I’m not the one attracted, but you kind of know they are that’s not good when there’s a sexual attraction and chemistry as far as I’m concerned, you’ve already moved out of friend zone to some degree, even if you’ve never touched there has to be there’s there’s going to be some flirting. There’s going to be something. So this needs to be a major warning sign for you that something else is going on and last but not least, are you comparing your partner. To your friend or your friend to your partner. I would say actually this is the biggest one of these. You might even you know, maybe you find yourself getting angry that your partner isn’t more like your friend. Maybe you’re critical of your partner and see them as you know the bad one while this friend is the good one in a regular friendship. You don’t do that. You don’t compare your partner to your friend because you’re not expecting the same things from them. The fact that you’re comparing it all in any way to me is really proof that you’re likely having an emotional affair.

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