My wife is a cheater. How could you know? I’m going to give you seven sneaky signs of a cheating wife that will reveal the truth in no time flat. So guys, you found for a reason, or maybe you are suspecting your wife is cheating. And does it happen. Absolutely. You see, unfortunately. We always get labeled as a cheater, but guess what? Our wives are actively cheating as well. Oh, yeah, they’re sexy and other guys. They’re going on days. They’re heavy phone affairs guys. Cheating is cheating. And if you feel man, something’s not quite right, come on. Guys use your head, you got in sneak. You’re feeling in your gun. Chances are she’s cheating on you if you know the size of a cheating wife. You can figure out what to do before the bad news hits you.

Disappearing from her social media

Let’s hit the chip number one that you might have a cheating wife who disappeared from a social media. There used to be pictures of you and her lucky dubby vacations, daily stuff, grandkids. Children all of a sudden you’re gone. Why is that you’re being ghost? Why is that, well, she wants to appear single. She wants to appear that she’s not having a relationship. That’s always a monster sign is if you get ghosts on social media, chances are she wants to peer single and something’s up tip number two that your wife might be cheating on you is let’s look at herself on gentlemen. Now she’s always had to ring your volume up on loud. Which I’m sure she had for years, especially if you have kids and you’re out at a restaurant, you’re out at a function. She’s going to want to hear that phone ring and then all of a sudden you notice that that phone has been on asylum mode for quite a while. So she switched there’s a reason why because she doesn’t want you asking questions. So if that ringer is on the silent mode, chances are she’s hiding something and if you are at a function, if you are at a restaurant and you see you’re fidgeting on that phone a little bit, she grabs it. You don’t hear a ring. She hears the she feels the buzz. She feels the hum she knows she’s getting her call in air and then ten fifteen minutes she’s going to wait. She’s going to want to go to the bathroom. She’s going to want to contact that person. Let her take her phone get a reaction out of that. See if she gets jumpy. See if she gets fidgety, tell her just leave the phone right here, go to the restroom, you’ll watch it and if she does, that’s your chance to go through her phone and see who’s calling her.

She changed her lifestyle

Number three that your wife might be cheating on you all of a sudden she’s at the gym every day she only used to go maybe one or two days a week for forty minutes. Okay in and out now all of a sudden she’s up the game and she’s there five days a week and when she did go to the gym, she really didn’t care what she looked like. She had her frumpy clothes on no makeup hair pulled up. Didn’t give a crap what she looked like now all of a sudden she’s bought some new gym clothes. She’s got her makeup, all that her hair is pretty she’s taken more. Time and getting ready to go to the gym. All right, there’s a reason why she’s trying to impress someone but don’t get too hung up on that. She could still up her routine in the gym because you want to impress somebody outside that gym. Therefore she’s not going to care what she looks like at the gym. She’s still open her routine. Why? Because he’s trying to impress somebody else. That’s what women do. All of a sudden they find a guy might be a younger guy. Oh my god, I’m a little bit overweight. They’re going to get in there and they’re going they’re going to pound it. They’re going to want to look their very best pay attention to that sign gentleman ship number four that your wife might be cheating on you. It’s all of a sudden she’s not telling you what’s going on in her life. There’s a disconnection, you know a woman who was cheating so consciously they disconnect from you. They’re worried about the other person. You’re the last thing on their mind. So if you feel that this connection, chances are her minds on someone else .

She’s dressing nicer

Two number five that your wife is cheating on you all of a sudden she’s dressing a lot nicer. I don’t care if it’s for work again, the gym or going out with friends before it used to be very casual flats, casual outfit, conservative tap, nothing, nothing crazy. All of a sudden guys, the price of poker just went up. We got some heels, some hot slacks, maybe a nice dress, little cleavage. Well, guess what guys is there for you. Hell no, she’s trying to impress someone else. Number six, if your wife might be cheating on you all of a sudden she’s misgenerate. You’re getting some home cooked dinners, you’re getting random gifts, you’re getting special treatment and you haven’t even argued, why is that. Gentlemen, she’s guilty. She feels guilty and she psychologically needs to make this up to you so this makes them feel better by doing things for you. Telltale signs. She’s all of a sudden doing all the stuff for you pay attention because that’s a back door sheet and sign tip number seven that your wife is cheating on you guys. This is is obvious as hell, but we’re going to talk about it anyway if she’s opt her going out game, whether it’s with friends or at work. All right, that’s a huge red flag. That is the number of single biggest red flag is more going out time they can come up with excuses that they have work related duties to do after work, but if she’s never done them in all of a sudden she’s required to be there. I would definitely check into that. And again, all of a sudden her friends want to see her more. She’s just deciding. It doesn’t happen. Guys that made just like you doing that. You know, we can’t do that as men because we’re going to pick up on that, you know, one. Two, three, but they think we’re stupid. Okay, use the same psychology they use on us back at them. And if you do suspect that they’re up to no good, they’re probably drinking alcohol. Do what they used to do to us do what my ex wife used to do to me as soon as I came home come here, honey. Give me a kiss she wanted to give me kiss. She wanted to smell if I had alcohol in my breath or if I had any type of perfume at me. All right, you need to do the same thing to them. See if they get nervous. See if they’re giving you resistance. Ok, check out their demeanor you’re gonna pick up on that right away.

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