My wife is a cheater. Today, I’ll be talking about signs. Cheating is condemned in most societies, but sometimes some people get away with it, but I want to teach you the signs that shows that she is cheating on you too busy when your girl is cheating. She’s gonna get too busy with work and other tasks that don’t actually need that much attention. She will be too busy to hang out with you to talk to you to sleep with you and even to go out with you, she will always be doing one thing or another and you’ll hardly see each other even when you’re in the same house secretive. She will begin to keep things from you.

First signs

You’ll notice this pattern as soon as the affair starts, it’s as though your bond is broken and you are no longer one unit. She’ll not let you in the know of the new occurrences in her life. She’ll try to shut you out of her life. She will also be secretive with her dealings. She will now have a separate account and have transactions without your knowledge shall be creeping around the house and her walk will change to a quiet one more sly and you will not know when she’s coming or when she’s going moody. This could be a result of the raging hormones and guilt that she’s going to feel and she’s might seem very off. She’ll become moody and sensitive and anything you tell her may trigger a response of either rage or extreme sensitivity and she could just end up in tears. You’ll not know where you lie with her disrespectful when a girl is cheating, she will begin to become disrespectful mainly because she wants you out of her life since you are of no value to her and you don’t compare to her new flame. She will be mean and she will refuse to do basic tasks and worst of all shall be very abusive, maybe both physically and verbally change in routines.

Nothing is the same

You will notice that her routines have changed. She’s no longer doing things at the same time that she once did, she will spend much more time on certain errands that usually most of the time she’s not engaging in and said that the errands activities as just a cover up for her actual goings on always on her phone this. Could be that she’s constantly checking her phone or is always on her phone. Moreover, her phone is either off or on silent when she’s on her phone. She’s always laughing and giggling, smiling or biting her lip, then she’s probably texting someone who’s not you. She’s not comfortable with you even touching her phone and ensures that she has a password protected for most of her apps when answering calls, she may be very hush hush about who picks up the calls and who she’s talking to. Maybe she moves to a different room or lets the call go to voicemail when you finally get a chance to see who’s calling. It’s always in a number that you don’t know or in a friend’s name that you don’t recognize and unfortunately you do not know the friend and maybe have never even heard of them sex phobic if you were in a sexual relationship or marriage and it seems that she’s suddenly gotten sex phobic and either doesn’t want to do it or she lies about not wanting to do it.


She’s probably cheating when she finally comes around to doing it. She’s not emotionally or physically present and hey, that’s going to frustrate you, accuses you of cheating when people do the wrong thing. Two things are involved. They will either develop a defensive mechanism or assume that the other person knows and accuse them of the same thing. This logic applies to cheaters as well. She will have countless times accusing you of cheating on her with different girls. Then in fact, you have been faithful from the beginning. It’s how you react to these accusations that counts ensures that once you’ve checked out the all the signs above, you look for evidence because it could be misreading a situation and your girl is just trying to maybe surprise, you ensure you cross reference all the activities and get the facts right before you confront her about it. Remember that relationships can be mended and that once trust is broken, it’s not easy to pick up the pieces and glue it all back together. Take time to collect yourself before you act on the information that you’ve received.

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