How can I know that my wife is a cheater. I’m going to go over the six signs that she most likely is definitely thinking of another man at the very least and to make sure you never miss out on another girl because of another man or another one of my videos. Okay. So I just wanna give a caveat to these signs um if a girl is thinking about another man in your place, she is definitely getting off these signs. However, if she’s giving off these signs, she’s not definitely cheating. Kind of like if I’m p.m.s. And I’m definitely crying, however, if I’m crying, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am pms-ing makes sense. Okay, and another thing I want to bring up is you men want sex to connect with women. And we women want sex when we feel connected to you. That’s why women are so much more inclined. We emotionally cheat than y’all are because you guys you can get up on a moment’s notice, whereas as it takes a little more coaxing and priming. So for us, all the signs are usually gonna be emotion-based. Which brings me to number one, she doesn’t get mad at you anymore or she’s mad at you all the time. This depends on what her regular emotion is. So for instance, for me, I almost never get mad at anything. It takes a lot for me to get really annoyed because I grew up with like a super overbearing family that was like always up in my face. So I had to like numb all of my emotion. So for me, when I was a teacher, I am no longer I would find things to pick fights with my boyfriend over. I was mad at the way he drove. I was pissed off at the way he ordered our mcdonald’s anything under the sun. On the flip side, if she’s constantly complaining and she’s a debbie downer. She’s thinking of another man who wants to be with another man. Chances are she doesn’t give an f about you anymore. Again, one thing I want you to think about is displaced emotions if she’s cheating on you, you don’t necessarily rile her up the way you used to. So she’s not going to really notice or get mad at you anymore. On the flip side, if she never used to get mad and all of a sudden she’s getting mad all the time now in a way she’s kind of creating that emotional distance. So look for the changes in her anger or annoyance.

She doesn’t want to talk anymore

Number two, her communication has dropped significantly. So one thing I talk about a lot is the concept of we women increasing our oxytocin hormones by communicating with one another. Especially you this is why women always want to talk about their feelings and always want you to tell us about your day and always want you to ask about our day because it releases a hormone called oxytocin, which makes us want to bond with you. And hold you and snuggle you tied. So if you notice that she’s not texting as much as she used to or maybe not even complaining about her work day anymore. Again, going back to this connection piece. We want sex when we feel connected to you. So if we want it with another man or get into pound down with another man, chances are we’re going to diminish our connection with you, which brings me to number three, she doesn’t joke with you as much anymore. So joking is a way to positively connect with one another and make each other feel good and I’m gonna let you make me feel good and then I’m gonna try to make you feel good. But if you notice that like she’s not even laughing at your jokes anymore when she’s to say like how super hilarious you are or she’s making no attempts to joke with you again, going back to this piece of not wanting to positively connect with you because she is positively connecting with some other man’s pain. Which then brings me to number four.

No more flirting

She doesn’t flirt with you anymore. She’s rejecting your advances more and more okay because you men are designed to. Get hard on a moment’s notice and impregnate the world at your fingertips every five seconds. That’s just how you’re designed. You’re designed to spread your seed. We women were literally given like one egg a fucking month that you can possibly impregnate. So we’re just not designed to go out there and, you know, um. So if she’s not flirting with you. Which has a very sexual component and she’s rejecting your advances. Chances are she’s saving it all up for some other guy because it’s hard for us to divide that energy among two or three or four separate men.

Lost connection

Number five, this goes back to not wanting to connect with you on an emotional level if she doesn’t ask you questions anymore. Maybe you come home from work because she doesn’t even ask how your day was or maybe you told her you got into a fight with your mom and she was like, that sucks. I know for me, if my man gets into a fight with his mom, like, oh, me guys, tell me more. Let’s bond and connect, but if she doesn’t even care, why are you having a fight with another woman that’s not her chances are she doesn’t give an act about you doing anything that involves anything at all, to be honest and number six, which encompasses everything is she ceases to engage emotionally. You’re probably already very aware that when a woman says I’m fine, I mean, she’s not fine in. It actually means that we want you to chase us down and hound us until we tell you what you did wrong. But if she strayed up is like, no nothing, I’m fine. And walks away and doesn’t give you any more lip about it again. That’s for not even wanting to engage because the emotional connection is no longer there and she doesn’t even want to try to forge one in its absence. So the kicker for us women, when we are investing in another man is to look at the amount of emotional investment we have left in you. We’re more so emotional cheaters, even if it is just an ego boost, we women do it because we need to feel good about ourselves or maybe there’s something missing in the relationship. And I noticed girl chances are she’ll totally appreciate it. Maybe she’s going through some shit at work, which also happens too, and you’re probably in the clear. But either way, if she is cheating on you, she is definitely showing these signs.

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