I cheated but I want to save my relationship. She found out, what do I do from here? So this is a very sensitive topic and it happens a lot when a man reaches out to me and he says, I have hit an all time low in my life. I cheated on my partner and I don’t know what to do because I love her and I want her back. It does take a lot of time then for a woman to forgive and move forward because it’s impactful. It’s impactful for us.

How does she feel after being cheated in?

We’ll go through a lot of emotions. What we’ll go through is why did you do this? I gave him my all I gave him everything or I’m beautiful and this woman was ugly or whatever it is because of the fact that. We feel as though it is an attachment to us. You cheated on us and we did something wrong and we. Gave you everything and why why, why. But in all actuality, when you cheat, it is something to do with you and it’s not because of your wife, it’s not because of your girlfriend typically most of the time I’m saying, and it’s something to do with you. It’s an inner what we can call an inner. Let’s just call it an inner demon inside that you needed to work from and maybe if you were seeking validation or you were seeking something else in life and that we can do in another video.

Give her time

But the key here is you have to understand that you have to give this woman time in the process. But you also have to stop apologizing and saying you’re sorry and begging for her to give you the commitment back because what happens is when you apologize and you beg for her to come back after you’ve cheated is you can just keep on reminding her of the reasons you keep on reminding her of the fact that you cheated. Saying I’m sorry and begging for her to come back. Is it just a reminder of why and how you messed up in her mind. It just is a replay that continues to go on and on in her mind. But what you can do is start to seek help, either hire hire psychiatrist if this is something that happens a lot in your life or higher coach, see what are the ways that you can make an impactful change to who you are as a man. So this doesn’t happen again in the relationship because this is how women are going to be convinced to be back with you. Especially if she loves you and she wants to work through this is she is going to want to be with you again. Only if you show actionable change and you can’t fake actionable change because change is measured by actions, not by words and the less you speak about your change, the more she’s going to be able to focus on what it is that is changing. There is something in you that will change the dynamics of the relationship once you start to seek help and get that fulfillment and and and heal that wound of why this happened.

Healing after cheating

Now it’s so important to for you to take your time during this process too with her and you and not to rush this in the relationship because let’s be honest. When you are cheating it you impacted the decision to cheat because of based on a feeling that you received and it’s a fake feeling. It’s that feeling that just ends up fizzling away and and when you act on it, you feel like pretty shitty afterwards if you find yourself here. And it’s because everything new is really exciting, but you have to be careful not to surround yourself when you are going through a bad time in your life or in a relationship as a man and not to go out to bars or clubs or hang out with the guys that are always trying to push women on you because at the end of the day, if you put yourself in those environments. It’s going to be harder to say no. So I’m not saying that is any excuse because you should be a man that’s able to say no, but also there is a reason of why you thought cheating was ok in that particular time. So it’s important that you take the time right now, sit with yourself and figure out why this arises in your life and why this is going on in your life because that’s the only way that you are going to make an impactful change is when you sit down and look at yourself in the mirror and say. What made me do this. What made me this. How am I not showing up to be the best man that I can be for myself and then for my relationship and once you can get honest with yourself with these questions that I’m giving you is when you can start to make an impactful change by taking the measurable actions to fix. Now I want to end it with here. If you’re thinking about cheating or have had this come up in your life, then I invite you to really just either reach out to me in the comments below book a session so we can work through this together, but remember to always put your time invested into something that is good for you and your personal growth no matter what age and what walk of life you are in because the more you surround yourself. In bad environments and in bad places that don’t give you the earth that are in line with your integrity, the more likely that you are going to make bad decisions. So your atmosphere and the people that you hang out with is a really, really vital to your life to your relationship and to your growth.

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