So, why do men cheat in marriage? It’s a relationship issue that has been all over the headlines, men and infidelity. Think like a man about this hot topic in just a moment, but first we spoke with men and women all across the country who weighed in on this hot issue. I think men cheat because because because they’re probably not happy with the relationship they’re in. I think it’s in men’s DNA to have more sexual activity. They are lonely, their pigs, you know, from scratch. I think if women cheat, they’re a cougar or they are. Loose and if a man cheats like go get em, guy guys looks cheap. This is for sex. It’s not a but it may not be an emotional attachment, but with women, there’s definitely an emotional element to. I think that’s just an excuse for you know to say that all all men cheat, but they don’t that’s just giving someone an excuse.

Sign of a cheating husband

So how would I know if my boyfriend or husband is cheating. What are the signs. Well, if his cellphone rings and he’s in the shower and he runs through the glass door to. So that’s one sign. Okay, that’s a good one. And if he sleeps with his cellphone duct tape to his that that’s that’s a good way to tell, but I think really the most serious answers become, you know. If there’s an attitude change, you know if your man doesn’t care any more about the intimacy, whether you have it with him or not. If it doesn’t make a difference to him, if he’s indifferent to it, that attitude adjustment is serious and then the big one is if his intimate performance with you has changed, if all of a sudden you’re seeing new moves. New tricks, brand new tricks. You know this is guys, our imagination ain’t that good. We have got to go practice these things. We can’t just bring them in there, you know, we got it. So all practical signs that we should look for. All right, let’s get to another question and this is a question that some men in relationships say they struggle with. So if somebody split with me, how should I handle that. It’s not my fault. Is that what it is, well, he’s lucky if does have it to put it away if if somebody’s flirting with you, I mean, you know, you got to be careful because flirting pushes the primal instinct button in men because by nature, you know, we’re predators. And so if you if you showed that lude. Twitch flex reaction that little dangle the carrot and we immediately go for is a very dangerous thing to flirt because at what point does it stop. Because if you keep the flirting up eventually is going to lead to something you know and the best way to do it is just you know, laugh it off and go gear you crazy and, you know and and and go home and just move on because if you do it, you’re not working another question.

Can I check his phone?

If I suspect my fiancee of cheating, is it okay if I check his emails and phone records? You know, I don’t I don’t really like that one personally. I don’t think it’s cool. I think you should respect a person’s privacy, you know and then as an old saying, you know that if you go looking for trouble, you’re going to find it. Here’s a deal if your guy is cheating, you’re going to find out you don’t have to go looking for it. You always find out now if that’s if he’s cheating, but if you’re wondering if he’s cheating, you know. Because in light of everything that’s going on today, everybody now I wonder if my god, well, if you wondering and you go look and you got to find something, it could be an innocent email. It could be on the phone number that’s attached to business. But if you stuck it in your mind, wow, he’s cheating too and you see this stuff, it could turn into something else. I know a lot of relationships that are shot now, I mean, gone because someone suspected and went looking and found some innocent and to turn into something that it really wasn’t, they were saying now text messages and all that that’s lipstick on the column from back in the day. Yeah, I don’t recommend a text message. You know, I mean, I quit text message, all my notes. Is by carrier pigeon.

Do men that are in power cheat more?

Why are all these men that are in power think they can get away with it? I mean, you know, it’s it’s not just me and power. You know cheating is not reserved to men of power. It happens to the truck driver, the cab driver, the janitor. It can happen to anybody. It happens to women, you know, men men of power just have more opportunities. You know, women fail to look at this thing. Sometimes a guy. There are trophy men just like their trophy women. They’re just like women that men want to come. There are men that women want to conquer. A guy walks in the room, has itself established fame wise moneywise. There’s women over there. I ball in this guy. He may not even be aware of it. That’s why the athletic bus pulls up at the hotel was it feel with a lobby full of groupies because guess what they want the trophy guy. They don’t care if he’s married or not. So for the famous guy, the powerful guy is just tougher is more opportunities for them. You know the best thing is to go. I just want to go home. I just got to get through the mind field to get there, you know, it’s not just men, not just men and you’ll see women do it too. Another question. Steve, what can I do to prevent my wife from cheating. Wow, you very rarely get that question. You know what happens. I mean, if you want to talk about it, but it does have it happens a lot a lot more than people discuss because my radio show. I get these letters all the time from women who have these great guys that are providers do everything he’s supposed to do. But yet in steel she wants something else but is rare because most women, if you attend it to them, if you are a provider for them, if you’re communicating with them, if you’re loving to them. If you’re giving them the things that most women, most women will stay put. The average woman is really decent. She’ll stay put because she’s gone out, she has what she wants, you know, most women will stay put in that situation. So when a guy goes, how do I keep my wife from cheating, this is a guy I can assure you is not taking care of his.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

You know, once a cheater, always a cheater, is that the case, because let’s come clean here now you have spoken about how you’ve made some mistakes in your past. You’ve learned from those mistakes. So some of this are you speaking from experience. I’m on my third marriage, you know, I mean. You know I’ve made some mistakes in my life, you know. You you get married, you have third marriage and I’m very happy now, but yeah, I made those mistakes. You know, because but people have to know the wants to cheat, always achieve it. That’s not a true statement. People grow, people get better, people learn from their mistakes, people move on, people discover what we’re wrong before and learn how not to make those mistakes again. And that’s a very myth that women have passed down throughout the years that once a cheater, always a cheater, you’ve lost some great relationships because women bring that baggage to the next relationship and it kills something that could be really good.

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