Today’s topic is the reasons why men cheat in marriage. So why do men cheat. I’m going to give you five reasons why men cheat it’s probably because you either were cheated on or you know someone in your entourage who was affected by infidelity. It has to be one of these five reasons. So how can you make your relation to great by understanding why men cheat the more you raise your emotional iq, the better equipped you will be. Reason number one. Men cheat because of the ego that. Annoying thing called the ego and unfortunately men have a very, very fragile ego. And ego tends to be the enemy. So whether they’re trying to impress their friends or to basically respond to what society tells them they should do. The bottom line is that the ego keeps driving us down and without thinking long term, we’re thinking short term and it can cause a lot of havoc and problems in many relationships. Unfortunately we live in a society where we think that more is more that we always need to find something bigger, better, cuter. And nothing can be further from the truth and unfortunately that is rooted in the ego. So if you are looking at a man who cares about what his friends think or has a trouble committing.

Bored in a relationship

It’s probably an issue that is rooted in the ego reason number two, why men cheat, it’s because they’re bored. You started to settle and perhaps your relationship went into some sort of routine. And unfortunately I see this happen often many times around the seven year mark for couples who have been together for a long time and a lot of times sooner for younger younger couples. And the reality is that there are two types of dynamics that I see. Either you’re an individual who wants to basically stay in their comfort zone in their little routine and feel safe and just know what you’re going to get each and every day or potentially you are of another type of breed. Which is someone who always needs adventure excitement. And a lot of times men cheat because they need more adventure, more excitement. They want to try new things. And you perhaps or the person that was cheated on failed to be able to grasp that and to create an exciting dynamic in your relationship. And so that man in question went and sought that thrill outside of the relationship and that’s why the infidelity happened.

He is insecure

Reason number three. Is because of insecurity. I talked to you earlier about the ego and how oftentimes men try to impress other people. Many times men cheap because they are insecure. They don’t feel good. They don’t feel happy and so they go and they try to seek validation elsewhere. Of course, it rarely works because someone else isn’t going to make you happier. You have the power to make yourself happy. Happiness comes from within, not from the validation of other people. And so I’ve seen many men make big mistakes by trying to somehow boost their confidence by sleeping with women by going through the chase. And so many relationships have been destroyed by um these insecurities and that’s why in our coaching sessions, we always always work with individuals to boost their confidence to make sure that you’re not taking the easy way out because when you do that, oftentimes you suffer the relationship suffers another reason why men cheat is because of immaturity. For a long time we are immature when it comes to dating and relationships and we tend to let go of good things. Unfortunately. So if you were cheated on and you’re in your mid to late twenties or earlier or if you’re with a man who loves to party and perhaps sometimes it tries to escape reality. It may be that the cheating incident occurred because of immaturity. And you can be very mature in one area of your life, like in managing your finances, for example. Or very mature in your professional life and yet be very immature when it comes to your relationship. And or to your married life and the way that you approach a communication in your relationship and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen throw away perfectly good relationships. Or a marriage that they’ve built over years because of one act of immaturity, one moment of weakness. And nothing could make me more sad because I do what I do to help people stay together. I do what I do to help you maximize the love that you already have and unfortunately we learn through mistakes and. Perhaps this situation. This unforeseen and unfortunate situation can lead this man to growth and to then not repeat this immature mistake of cheating on the person that very often they are madly in love with.

He needs a doormat

Finally, the fifth reason. Why men cheat is when they’re dating someone who is somewhat of a doormat. If you have compromised yourself your values. If you really have lowered the bar throughout the relationship, if you’re letting him get away with everything that he wants, you’re opening the door to be cheated on. It doesn’t make you a bad person. I am not trying to say that the cheating is your fault. Obviously the men is responsible for their own actions, but you can create a stronger relationship if you stay true to who you are. If you don’t take anyone’s b.s. And if you don’t act like a doormat. I have seen in my many years of coaching so many amazing people completely give up who they are. What makes them beautiful because. Out of fear, really. Um, of losing the person that they love and you start to not talk with your friends and you still slowly but slowly but surely your social life starts to disappear and the hobbies and the things that you seem to be passionate about also start to mean less and less and you take on your men’s persona dreams and values at the detriment of your own self and you lose attraction as a result as well. So if this is happening to you. This is a perfect good opportunity to focus on you. Once again, you need a healthy dose of self love and you need to rebuild that confidence so that no man can basically take advantage of you or make you feel the way that you feel right now. Ultimately, men cheat for one of those five reasons after many years of coaching sessions, one on one coaching sessions with people all over the world. I can I can say honestly that the overwhelming majority of cases men have cheated for one of those reasons.

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