I want to talk about how to deal with a husband who cheats biblically. When your husband cheats on you, you are overwhelmed and confused about what you should do next. A lot of women believe that the right thing to do is to stay and try to work it out no matter how abusive a husband is, others are feeling is that their marriage covenant has been violated beyond repair. The reality is god wants you to confront a cheating husband in a way that is biblical first, timothy taught five twenty rees to them that see sin rebuke before all that others may fear your marriage is sacred and when your husband chooses to violate it. It feels like all kinds of emotions are soaring. You’re feeling shock, anger, depression, just a name of you and it’s important for you to know your next steps and what they should be first and foremost.

Ask god to strengthen you

Ask god to protect comfort and strengthen you through this trial. It will only weigh on your mind more and more if you neglect to bring this issue before the lord. You may start thinking about different scenarios and turning to friends and family who likely will not offer you the best advice about what you should do. Typically, they are too emotionally involved. Pray for your soul, your husband, and who you should go to for a council. It will help you much more than you probably realize as secondly, you may be tempted to want to immediately know every detail of his affair. You probably have a lot of questions and your husband should be willing to reveal the facts, but there is a time and place for this conversation. A disclosure conversation should take place during a formal procedure with an experienced and trained facilitator such as a counselor, pastor, or a trusted third party disclosures are common in marriage counseling.

Have an honest conversation

And there’s a process for them that keeps the conversation on track and ensures both sides are heard and feel safe during a scheduled disclosure is helpful to ask questions. Like when did your affair begin? Where did you meet your betrayal partner?What devices did you use to communicate with your betrayal partner? Is this why we stop having sex? It is not helpful to ask questions like what is her name, what does she do for you that I didn’t do you think about her when we have sex, what exactly did you do in bed together? You may want to know all the intimate details or you are afraid of what you’ll hear. This is very normal. I have yet to hold a disclosure session where the wife didn’t learn something new. You should have this talk in a place that is free from all distractions so that you can cut some trade on each other. You should draw separately to the disclosure meeting and arrange for childcare if needed so that you have twenty four hours after the conversation without contact with your husband to process your feelings. During the disclosure conversation, I have seen husbands be sincerely remorseful and sorrowful about cheating. Others are angry and tight, lit, acting like his affair is your fault. You will likely know where your marriage is headed based on his response and research has shown that eighty percent of couples who had an open and honest disclosure of conversation remained merry and rebuild trust proverbs. Skipping twenty two states where there is no council that people are.

You need to work on your relationship together

It’s possible this wasn’t your husband’s first affair and he crossed a line with you and you don’t believe that your marriage can ever be the same or maybe he doesn’t have a desire to work on your relationship so that it can heal. If that’s the case, I can help you through it. Of course, it is also possible that your husband is willing to work on your marriage. Maybe you don’t see how it can help, but you’re willing to try and if that’s how you both feel, I can help you with that as well. Research has shown that when working with a trained counselor and learning how to deal with a cheating husband. Biblical ninety six percent of betraying spouses and ninety three percent of betrayed spouses felt it was in their best interest to have a third party go through the disclosure process with them. Regardless, I understand that you are going through one of the hardest times of your life. It’s hard to know how to do with a cheating husband biblically. Right now things might feel hopeless, but I want to assure you that they’re not and together we can seek god’s plan and his will for your life and marriage.

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