How to deal with a husband who cheats over and over again? We hear this at the marriage foundation over and over again. And I’m going to help you really see this the way you have to see this. If you want to save your marriage and turn it around. Because I recognize that most of the information that is available to us in the world is simply wrong. It’s actually destructive. I’ve got a good track record of helping people, but what I’m going to tell you is going to sound a little harsh and I want you to stay with me anyway and just listen, just listen. You can say, oh, that’s his opinion. But then think about it later.

Did you try everything?

Some people write in and they say, I tried everything. Well, it isn’t like that. You didn’t try everything. You did try everything that you thought about. Maybe even tried everything that you read about. But if you tried. Things that actually worked. Then your husband would not cheat on you. The second time. So here is the hard part for you to hear. So please be receptive. Your husband cheated on you. Because the marriage that you have with him isn’t working for him. And in his own way. Rather than leaving you. He’s trying to supplement. The things that he is lacking in the marriage with outside. Whatever it is he’s lacking. I don’t know what it is. He’s lacking specifically.

Is sex the main reason of cheating?

In terms that will really totally make sense to you, but I’m going to try because usually there’s one thing, only one thing it’s interesting that he marriage experts out there don’t tell you this one thing they tell you always missing sex. He’s missing romance. He’s missing good meals. I don’t know all that stuff is b.s. Anyway. What is missing is the real reason why he married you in the first place he married you and everything falls under that all the behaviors that these psychologists will tell you that he’s missing. They all fall under these two highline items. One is he wanted to be happier. Just like you did. He got married in order to be happier. And not just on the wedding day. But every day of your lives. The other thing is much more important. He wanted to experience love. Unconditional love, marital of whatever you call it it. But love without conditions, love without. Desires attached. Love without a deal. I’ll give you this. You give me that just pure love. The irony. Because look, you’re not the only one experiencing this. Look at the divorce rate and then look around how many marriages are actually happy. And you can have a happy marriage. It is more it is actually easier than you think. But it has to be based on this principle of unconditional love being the center piece of your marriage, the irony is that marriage is a setup for you to have unconditional love. Why? Because the reason we don’t love the way the prophets have told us to love love your enemy, love everyone equally love as god loves you. The reason we don’t do that. Is because we would get clavered. This world is a harsh world. The people who do do that in spite of getting clobbered. Our saints. But in a marriage you can be a saint within your marriage. You don’t have to go out and love everybody unconditionally in order to experience unconditional love. You only have to love your husband unconditionally and you’re in a safe space. You don’t risk anything. But we don’t learn this. So here you have this perfect setup. To love your husband unconditionally unconditionally. More than your own child, you love your children unconditionally. I know that. But you were compelled to do that. So sometimes it’s very frustrating. Because they don’t love your back. But your husband, you chose him. You literally told him I will love you with all my heart mind and so you told him that you promised that and you are not doing it and how do I know you’re not doing it. And don’t tell me you cook for him. You clean for him. You do this for him, blah, blah, blah. If you loved him unconditionally, you would never even say I do this for him. Because it would just be a natural extension of your love these behaviors and you wouldn’t even think about it. It takes a shift. You know we have this course for women. We also have a course for men. But let’s just talk about the course for women. To help thousands of people and what happens and it begins with something that’s very interesting. You’ll never even guess what it is. Most people don’t because we live in a world of no one knows what the heck is going. They shouldn’t call this planet earth. They should call it. No one knows what the heck is going. We have a mind. You have a mind. You are a soul who has a mind. You’re not the mind. You are not the body, you have a body and you have a mind. This mind is never controlled by you. It’s like getting into a car, a vehicle. And you go, okay, here’s what I want and you hope that the car will just take you there. Well, the mind is a device. It’s a tools like your computer brings in information. You calculate what you should do or the mind does without your interference is what’s happening now and then you do it. It’s all habit.

Happy relationship after cheating

Your marriage should fulfill you. You should be filled with love, filled with joy, walking on cloud nine all the time in love in happiness. Enjoy. That’s what marriage is all about. He will never be. Think of cheating. You he will start changing his thinking to match his experience when I was a kid. You know, I was starting to be a teenager. It was in the sixties and people were starting to cheat on people and you know, this open stuff. Terrible stuff totally misses the point of life. And I asked my uncle, I said. Did you cheat on the outside, so he goes. I got jewish. You will know it in a second, he goes. Why should I buy a hamburger down the street when I have a buffet at home, the wisdom. He won’t cheat on you when he has a buffet at home.

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