How to forgive cheating partner? How to make your cheating spouse jealous. First and foremost. I wanted to say if you are in this situation and you have a spouse who is cheating on you, I am sorry that you are in this situation. I empathize with you. I know how difficult this can be. But I also wanted to emphasize that if you are here because you are wanting to make your. Spouse jealous in a negative way and you’re wanting to do things to hurt them then this is not the video for you. It is more so to try to reignite a spark, try to get your spouse back and the attention to be re-focused back onto your relationship.

Invest in yourself

So if that is what you are here for and you are committed to this process, then let’s get started step number one, do you. A lot of the times when we get into a relationship. We have a tendency of kind of losing ourselves in that relationship. So we focus more so on the happiness of our partner instead of our own happiness and what actually ends up happening is that because you are driving so much attention and focusing so much on your partner, your partner actually starts to feel a little bit suffocated. They feel a little bit trapped in. So they try to find a way to escape or release from that pressure and that tension. Doing you and spending time with yourself, investing in yourself is one of the best things that you can do. I know it may sound counterintuitive and you know, in order to make your spouse jealous, you want to do things to catch your spouse’s attention. Investing time in yourself and doing things that you like going out with friends, picking up hobbies that you used to do or just living your own life. This will actually catch the attention of your spouse instead of forcing your spouse to pay attention to you step.

Change the routine

A lot of the times what ends up happening is. You get into a rhythm into a routine in a relationship and sometimes that routine turns into boredom. And to be quite honest, routine and boredom can be the killer of any relationship. So if your spouse was feeling bored. If your spouse was not feeling. Challenged if they were not feeling like they were happy or satisfied in the relationship anymore, this potentially could have caused them to go outside of the relationship to find that excitement and that newness. So instead of being stuck into a routine change, the routine do something new if you have a bucket list, start checking off the things on that bucket list. If usually what you do is you come home from work and you sit on the couch and you watch t.v. Don’t do something different, show your partner that you are changing the dynamics and that you are more interested in doing activities that are fun and exciting as opposed to just being stuck in the routine number three, loosen the reins. In a relationship when infidelity has occurred or your partner has had an affair.

Don’t control him

We usually have the tendency of pulling harder on the reins. Wanting to control the situation more, wanting to know where your partner is at all times wanting to know what they’re doing and what this can actually do is have the reverse effect. It can actually push your partner further away because what ends up happening is that you end up suffocating your partner and at the end of the day they were looking for something different outside of the relationship. Because maybe they were already feeling suffocated or there was boredom in the relationship. So loosen the reins by doing this and showing your partner that you are an independent individual and you are ok without them that can actually have the reverse effect of what you are thinking will happen and that re-attract them to you. It will make them take notice of you and refocus on the relationship and on the original commitment when you guys started tip five. And this is just kind of one of those little insider pro tips. We live in a society in which technology is huge. It’s a big part of our everyday lives and everybody has instagram. Everybody has facebook. If you want to catch your partners’ attention. Change your profile picture, upload some new photos of you doing things that you enjoy your outings with your friends, your exercise activities that you’re doing, something that changes the routine and the monotony, something that shows your partner that you’re actually having a good time and that you’re you’re having fun and that you’re able to be independent. This is definitely something that will catch their attention if you are struggling to try and figure out how to break the routine in your relationship.

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