Imagine telling yourself: “My girfeiend is a cheater.” Now I’m going to be giving you things to look out for just before she cheats. I can assure you there’s many more where this came from. So that being said, let’s jump right into the reason why we are here today. Guys, I’m telling you when she’s about to cheat, she does these number one. There are several unexplained times where. Available. She’s not able to give you um tenable explanations as to where she was, why her phone was off, why she was inaccessible. It’s always one excuse after the other that makes absolutely no sense.

First signs of cheating

Let me tell you this if you are dating a woman who is inaccessible and especially when you realize a trend that at certain points in time, you just cannot seem to get through to have no matter what and it’s always just some random excuses then I’m sorry to tell you there is someone who is definitely occupying her time while you are frantically trying to reach her. Bro, listen to me, she is about to cheat on you if she hasn’t already started. Now I tell this to guys all the time and just people in general. When you care about someone. You make deliberate efforts at being available to them. I’m not saying you must be available to them two, four, seven, but I am saying that they take priority in your life, especially when other things are concerned. So yeah, maybe there are those random moments work stuff. You can’t pick up your phone. Why can’t you call me back and does it so happen that your boss only needs you between eleven p m and one a m every wednesday. But when your phone is off, it makes no sense and really I don’t think that you should fall for that lie the biggest signs of a cheat is usually someone who has a pardon of unavailability over a period of time and is not able to give you tenable explanations why they are unavailable.

Her new friend

Number two, constantly mentioning this new person. Suddenly they’ve made a new friend and don’t get me wrong. I’m not going I’m not going to jump ahead of myself or get ahead of myself and assume that any time your woman mentioned some new guys name means that she’s sleeping with him. This is not what I’m talking about. I am saying, however, that when this person’s name continues to pop up, she’s hanging out with this person all the time. They’re doing stuff together, not to say they cannot be friends or she cannot have friends. I am saying when they’re hanging out so much so that they’re the time that they spend together is beginning to interfere with your own relationship. And you have raised red flags or raised issue with the fact that you’re not comfortable about this third person who is taking all her time and yet she is not willing to let this person go and arguments are constantly breaking out because of this third party. Trust me if she hasn’t already cheated with them, she will be cheating very, very soon. Why, because you’re the guy who’s dating her and she should be able to sacrifice not just her friends per se, but this individual who’s becoming problematic and becoming an albatross around your neck if she really sees you in her future and if she really wants the relationship that you are in. Listen, she will have to sacrifice that friendship to let me emphasize I am by no means saying that once you meet someone. You need to forget all your friends. I am not saying that I am. However, saying that if your significant other or your partner or someone that you’re planning to live life’s journey with with. Is complaining about a particular person. You need to let go of that person not easily, but you must you need to let go of that person to save your relationship. It’s not going to be easy, but it is a must if you’re going to be able to salvage the relationship and preserve it for posterity and you see if she’s not willing to do that, it means that she does not value. The relationship that you and her have. And that’s why she’s willing to continue to create problems by being with this person that you’re uncomfortable with. That is a big sign that she’s cheating.

Emotional affair

And it doesn’t mean that she’s jumping in bed with her. Remember, cheating is not just physical, it’s emotional, it’s mental as well. She could be gone and emotionally cheating with this guy because he has a nice cigar or he does something better than you. But this is my thing. If she doesn’t want you, why is she still in that relationship, ok, let’s not get too passionate today, shall we, let’s move on to number three, another major sign that your girl is just about to cheat is when you can’t call her around certain people. There’s one particular friend who is so superior that whenever she’s with him. You can’t call. She won’t pick your calls or she’ll pick it and very rudely say, I’ll call you back. She won’t even wait to hear you say, oh, hey, I really need to see. I’ll call you back, cuts the line. How disrespectful. I mean, listen. It’s not rocket science. Every single time she’s with this guy. She does not answer your calls. She’s been bold enough to even tell you, oh, I’m with x and I can’t answer the phone at the moment. Listen, I get it. Maybe x is doing something really good for her. Let’s just say it’s innocent. And truly at that moment she’s busy. She can’t answer the phone. I would assume that sometime before she leaves this guy’s presence. She will have the courtesy to call you back. But no, she will wait till xas dropped her off and she’s finally rid of him and at home and in bed and then call you back, it’s not the first time. It’s not the second time. It’s not the third time. This is something that keeps recurring and some of these women are so bad at it that you’ll even tell you, oh, you know when I answer your call in ex’s presence, it makes him jealous. What. What. You have a boyfriend. But when you call her, when the other guy is there, he gets jealous. What else are you waiting for? This tells you that, oh my god, she’s shagging the guy. She’s definitely cheating on you with him. Why is he jealous if he’s a regular friend and if you are calling her while she’s with you, it. No sense. Like. For mind blowing and some of you are sitting there accepting such excuses. Don’t do it. My brother, if you want peace of mind and you want growth. That relationship is not for you.

Using his items

Number four, if she started using their personal items, let me break this down. So there’s this guy. Let’s give him a name, shall we. Let’s say Jack, is this other guy,. You know who’s causing problems in your relationship. And you guys have talked about it because Jack, she’s known Jack for a while and Jack has been a friend and you know she knew jack before you even came along and he started your relationships, but you’ve been raising all this hell about Jack because he’s the best and now she started using his personal items. So you go to visit her one time and she’s wearing jacks. Hoodie. You go visit her one time and jack’s car is parked in her yard. Oh, how did the car get here. Oh, jack says I should test drive it. So he made me bring it home. Jack has no other friends who can test drive that car. No other friends who could test drive that car, but her no other friends to give a hoodie toot. But her. And you’re happily sitting down accepting this hogwash of an excuse. Why does she have another man’s personal items, it’s different if she already had them before he came into the relationship. But really. Unless of course it was. You know, her birthday and even that I don’t think he will be taking off a sweaty hoodie and giving it to her for birthday purposes. He would want to buy a new one for her. But no, she’s wearing his hoodie, maybe even his boxers. And you’re sitting down hoping against hope that this woman’s going to be faithful to you. She’s already started cheating and if it needs a video like this to let you know. Then now, you know, go out there and be. Dumper because she is so not worth your time, your effort. Your love, your money. Absolutely not find a woman who will respect you and give you the respect that you deserve five. She won’t sacrifice their relationship for yours. For me, it’s a nobrainer. I mean, if I were in that situation, to be honest and not typically someone who would give ultimatums. But in some instances, and especially like this one. It is necessary unless of course, this woman you’re with or the skull you’re with does not see you in her future does not see your relationship going somewhere is the only reason she will continue to entertain a person who’s being thorn in your flesh. Literally a thorn in your flesh over having a peaceful, loving relationship with you. She’s not willing to sacrifice her friendship with this problematic guy and instead is willing to just make you hurt over and over and over again to the extent that she’s actually threatening to break up with you if you bring up the guys name from where I sit, that’s the lowest of lows. It’s the lowest of lows. I don’t care how you see it or how you perceive this. I believe that when you get to such a point, you’re literally at rock bottom. You have nothing there. Absolutely nothing. She’s cheating on you or she’s about to cheat. And your role in her life means nothing. Number six, number six is deception. Yeah, deception. Now, of course. If she’s about to cheat, deception will be top on the list. She will never tell you the truth about where she is, what she’s doing, where she went, what time she’s coming back. It’s always one story after the other after the other she’s become the perfect storyteller and she’s just spinning yards and yards of fibbs. To confuse you. She’s using deception so masterfully she’s throwing sand into your eyes and making you believe everything, hook, line and sinker.

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