What are the reasons why men cheat in a marriage? I know how difficult it is to be in this situation. You love your husband, you have a family. You have spent years and years together. But you finally found that it was cheating on you. How can you react, how can we understand these married men would cheat. I have some reasons and I want to give you the two main reasons. The number one reason is because this man is not happy in a relationship. I’m not blaming you. I’m not finding some excuse for him. I just want to give you the truth and all the experience that I’ve seen in my life as a relationship expert, sometime married men with shit because they’re not happy at home. They’re not happy. They’re not feeling attractive to their wife. They are not feeling attractive to their personal life and also they think that because they can cheat, they will maintain the relationship. It’s like I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want a divorce. I would just cheat. I know it’s stupid, but this is what happened most of the time in this specific situation, you need to understand what was missing in your relationship.

Attention is important

Were you in the routine, were you emotionally dependent, why this lack of attraction just happened, we need to understand this if we want to find some solution so you can communicate with your partner, but you can also ask this question to yourself just take a paper. A pen and try to respond to this question. Were you in a routine, were you emotionally dependent, what happened to explain this lack of attraction, then we can have another situation. Married men would sit because they don’t know how to stop. They are just in a position of they have the control of your relationship. They don’t give you attention. They just like to attract sideways. They love to have sex with a lot of women. In this specific case, you need to ask. Is it really what I want? Because this guy will never change for sure it will tell you I will change. You know, it’s different blah, blah, blah. In reality there’s some men who just don’t care about marriage. They don’t care about women, family, kids. They just want to have sex and attract people. There is this type of man and you need to not close your eyes. You need to open your eyes and see the way is acting if it’s the case into your situation. For example, your relationship was good. You had good sex together, but this guy is just saying it’s fine. Often going out often doesn’t make plain with you because it takes you for granted at this moment. You should know that this married man would cheat will never change. So it’s up to you to know. Is it really what I want? How should I leave? It will be helpful at the beginning. But in the future you will be happiest. And this is what I want for you. So unfortunately, we’re in a society today where there is a lot of infidelity and some coach, just explain infidelity and say that it is ok. It’s not okay. It’s not our human nature and this is something really important. We should not find some excuses to this type of behavior. We need to make sure that a relationship is based on trust and where we fight together to find some solution. So if you think that you are in the case, number one where the relationship didn’t bring enough happiness and value to your husband, then. You can find some solution and I can help you. We can book a private squash session together to make sure we can overcome this infidelity. To the opposite if you are in a relationship and marriage with someone who didn’t give you value, we were just cheating on you and doesn’t care about you, family, friends, kids and whatever.

Just move on

My advice would be you should move on. Of course it will be difficult, but if you just close your eyes, you will always be scared, you will lose your personal confidence and then you will lose your life. I know it’s difficult when you are in this type of situation. This is why I really want to help you leave a comment just right below. I’m giving you some tips to change your personal life and your love life. I really want to help you to empower yourself and to decide whatever you want for the future. So if you were wondering why a married man will cheat. It’s because of these two reasons. There is no other reasons it’s as though it’s not happy or is not a good guy.

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