Why do men cheat in marriage? Now some notable studies out there say that women are more likely to cheat, whereas others say that men are more likely to cheat. The reality is who really knows because most of these surveys are they’re surveying liars, right. Cheaters are liars anyway, so it’s really tough to know who cheats more of the realities. Both genders cheat. Now the most notable study that I found is that men cheat actually, twenty one percent of the time. Whereas women are anywhere between ten to fifteen percent and that’s according to the general social survey of the university of chicago’s independent organization. Now I sat down and I thought to myself, what are some of the core reasons behind this so that you women can understand and look for some of these signs. So I’m going to jump into I have four reasons here.

Biological reasons

I’m going to jump into the first one, which is more of kind of like a fundamental and scientific reason why men cheat on women that they love it all comes down to evolutionary biology. Men are very different from women. Of course, when it comes to procreation because men at the end of the day. We can physically have sex with as many women as we’d ever want without running out of our genetic resources. It’s called sperm, whereas women, if they have sex with a guy for all of human civilization, women are always running the risk of getting pregnant. It’s called a baby, so you see from an evolutionary biology perspective, it makes sense that men might be seeking more partners than women because they have less to lose. They are it’s a less risky proposition now that does not mean that every man cheats, every man does not cheat. I’m just trying to give you the the biological reason of why a man might have those types of thoughts now, not every man. Acts on those thoughts and the real second reasons to why men cheat on women that they might love that really overrules the first one. And that is because they make a choice to cheat.

Cheating is a choice

Cheating is always a choice and it’s really based on a person’s lack of character that are willing to go ahead and break that trust and be with someone else. So the question is, why might they make that choice? For starters, they don’t value a committed relationship and that could be for a lot of different reasons. Maybe it’s based on their upbringing. Maybe they were in a single parent home where someone was cheating or they didn’t have a great male role model or they just weren’t raised with the idea of having respect for another person. Another person that you’re with, another reason why someone might cheat is because their sexual needs are just not being met. Maybe you’re not sexually compatible. Maybe the sex is just completely died off by the end of the day. Humans, both men and women, are incredibly sexual creatures. And if that’s that that need isn’t being met at home. Then perhaps they might go somewhere else.

Emotional connection

And finally, one of the biggest reasons why people cheat. Is lack of emotional intimacy in the relationship. Yes, men have emotions and we have emotional needs and what the study actually found is that a lot of men reported that they weren’t emotionally satisfied by their current relationship or they instead wanted to gain additional emotional connection, emotional validation or validation as a person by being with another person at the end of the day. The real reason why some people cheat is because the relationship is over and no one wants to admit it. And if that does happen in a relationship and someone does cheat on, you move on from that relationship. Find something new. Find a relationship where someone does have the respect for you to not go off and seek emotional intimacy somewhere else do not seek sexual intimacy somewhere else where they be open enough to talk to you about some of the challenges in the relationship so that you can fix it together and if he does cheat. Then he’s the wrong guy for you. A real man never cheats, so I built sexy confidence.

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